Les Cafe des Chats and the best hot chocolate in Paris

When Nathan (my boyfriend) and I planned our trip to Paris, in August last year, I feel no shame in admitting that visiting the Cat Cafe was at the top of my priority list. Luckily for me, Nathan shares my adoration for cats- a key attribute which I require in a boyfriend. We researched like crazy, as we always do before travelling, and Les Cafe des Chats came up time and time again as the top contender for cat lovers in Paris. 

I was way too excited to wait so we made sure it was the first thing we did on our arrival. Side note- I would definitely recommend booking as it is an extremely popular attraction, you can do so online on their website. The place is quite small and has a really rustic, underdone sort of vibe which I personally found very sweet and homely.

cat cafe 7

I am not even exaggerating when I say that I felt like we were in paradise when we walked in. The cuteness was overwhelming, I thought I was going to explode amongst all those fluffy little angels. 

cat cafe 9

We found a comfy sofa to sit ourselves on and, however overwhelmed we may have been, food was of course always at the forefront of our minds so we ordered some little treats (as we had already scoffed a large dinner). 

Although I have a terrible memory- I never forget good food and can remember our exact order, which is slightly concerning to normal people I would expect. We ordered a Tarte au citron meringuée and a hot chocolate- both to share. 

cat cafe

If we weren’t in paradise before, we really were when the desserts arrived. To this day, I don’t think any other drink so heavenly will ever grace my throat. The lemon meringue was beautiful but the hot chocolate was sensational. 

As a big hot chocolate fan, I was super excited to go to Angelina as I had heard that they had the best in Paris. Although I can confirm that their hot chocolate was luscious and their other desserts were to die for- Les Cafe des Chats won the hot chocolate battle hands down for me. It essentially tasted like pure creamy melted chocolate- very rich but completely worth the slight sick feeling afterwards. I will NEVER forget the taste and urge anyone to put it on their bucket list as a top priority, with a high level of urgency. 

Obviously if you’re a cat hater (i.e you just haven’t found the right cat to love yet) then this isn’t the place for you. However, if you are highly intelligent and therefore appreciate cats for the fantastic creatures they are, this place will be your very own Garden of Eden. In my opinion, it is a must visit. So much so, that we even found time to fit a second visit in on our last morning before heading home. Thus, I can also confirm that their brunch menu is  fantastic too and their sharing platters are a work of art. 


Les Cafe des Chats– 16 Rue Michel le Comte, 75003 Paris, France

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