The Adventure Begins…

As I have mentioned on my blog before, I am absolutely petrified of flying. Therefore, at the airport, aside from all the tears due to having to leave my family and my best friend behind (my cat, Angel), I was also hysterically crying at the thought of my first long-haul flight. A 7 hour flight to Doha follow by a 10 hour flight from there to Denpasar (Bali) was my biggest fear. In the most shocking turn of events ever- I ended up preferring these flights to any shorter ones I have been on! It may be because we flew with Qatar Airways who had the most friendly hostesses, comfy seats, a fantastic choice of films and plane food that actually tasted edible! Either way- I arrived feeling elated and like I deserved a medal for doing the same thing as millions of other people who do it everyday with no fuss.


So once I’d got over that ordeal- the excitement kicked in majorly. The excitement then rocketed sky-high when we arrived at our hotel which is/was absolutely gorgeous! I definitely did not feel like a traveller here (something I may later regret when I end up in hostels in a few weeks time!) The hotel is called Champlung Mas Hotel and is in a side street in Legian, about a five minute walk from Legian beach. Our room is super spacious and the air-con is life-alteringly brilliant. The hotel also has two beautiful pools to choose from- one in the hotel courtyard which is full of greenery and has a swim-up bar and another on the roof terrace.


Following on with the theme of not acting like stereotypical ‘travellers’ as yet- we have spent the first four days essentially acting like we’re on a dream holiday, which we are! We have literally just sunbathed on the beautiful beach, eaten incredible food every day and tried our best to get a decent tan (something which Nathan is way more successful at than I am, sadly). We did also visit the incredible Pure Tanah Lot Temple (which will be featured in an upcoming, super exciting post).



Although living the life of luxury for the first few days will be changing pretty soon, it’s impossible to regret one second of it when Legian is as stunning as these pictures show.


Legian itself is one of the most energetic, vibrant and slightly crazy places that I have ever visited. There is a real eclectic mix of locals, three main religions and hordes of Australian tourists and yet the whole place still maintains such an authentic feel that is definitely missing from a lot of places that I have visited in Europe. In these four days so far, I have already seen some of the most breathtaking sights- from locals carrying babies on speeding mopeds in crazy traffic to a serene temple as the sun sets over the sea. The streets are bustling 24 hours of the day and yet the Balinese people are some of the most laid-back and lovely people I have ever met. Essentially, I have never been somewhere so overwhelmingly exciting.



On one final and very important note- freshly squeezed strawberry juice is a common thing over here and it’s the most delightful drink on earth, hands down. I’d say it’s worth coming to Bali just for the strawberry juice- but to be fair I am very dramatic.


Tomorrow, we head to Ubud and have all sorts of cultural adventures and excursions lined up. Before heading to the much-anticipated Gili Islands, Jimbaran and then Seminyak. So expect to see a billion more Bali posts over the next few weeks as this place is so magical, I’m not going to be able to shut up about it.


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