The best places for sunsets in Bali (and one sunrise)


One of the things, if not the thing, which I enjoyed the most in Bali was watching the sun set on an evening. When you’re in a normal routine, studying or working, it’s very rare that we find the time to stop for a moment and just enjoy watching the sun set on the day. It’s one of the most naturally beautiful phenomenons on our planet and yet most people never really stop and appreciate a sunset properly. Therefore, we made it our mission in Bali to watch the sun setting almost every single day. In this post, I’ve rounded up the best of the best places to get the most spectacular views of the Balinese sunset in all its glory. 

La Plancha- Seminyak

(Jalan Mesari Beach, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia)




La Plancha, on Seminyak beach, is a personal favourite of mine. Although it wasn’t naturally the most magnificent sunset that we saw, the setting and the ambience that they create is unbeatable. Heaps of brightly coloured beanbags fill the beach, with matching umbrellas that are intertwined with fairy lights to make the setting even more pretty. The tapas-style food and drinks (particularly the fruity cocktails) were also outstanding- making La Plancha the perfect relaxed and cool beach location to watch the sunset. 

Tanah Lot Temple-Beraban




Tanah Lot temple, located on the west coast of Bali, is a completely different kettle of fish to La Plancha but just as mesmerising in its own way. Tanah Lot, an ancient Hindu shrine built on a stunning natural rock formation, has been a treasured part of Balinese culture for hundreds of years and the ambience which that creates is in a league of its own. It’s such a spiritual setting for the locals and it makes you feel very special to watch the sunset there and to be standing in a place which has been so important to the Balinese for centuries. It also has some of the most beautiful views and is therefore one of the best places to get stunning photos of the sunset. 

Azul Beach Club- Legian

(Jl. Padma No.2, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia)



 Azul is a beach club located on the road that backs on to Legian beach. The style of the place adds to the beauty of the sunset as you sit in wooden booths looking right onto the white sand beach and the Indian ocean. Azul pitch themselves as ‘the ultimate social elites’ getaway’ and it is clear to see why- with their elegant and unique aesthetic and their extensive food and drinks menus, it’s the perfect location to watch the sun as it sets behind the palm trees. 

Pandawa Beach Club- Gili Trawangan

(Unnamed Rd, Nusa Tenggara Bar., Pemenang, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Indonesia)




 Although Pandawa is technically on Gili Trawangan rather than in Bali itself, it would be a crime not to visit the Gili Islands and so I have included two beautiful sunset points on Gili T. (If you need more persuading- read my post on our stay in Gili Trawangan here). In my opinion- there’s something about the sunsets on Gili T that means they are even more breathtaking than the ones in Bali. The sun somehow seems even brighter, bolder and more brilliantly alive from Gili Trawangan and the sun seems to blaze in the most exquisite colours imaginable. Pandawa is the perfect spot to witness this- set right on the beach with comfy beanbags and another fantastic food and drink menu, it’s absolutely heavenly. It also has four swings to get the infamous Gili T instagram on which is always a bonus!

Casa Vintage

 (Pemenang, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Bar., Indonesia)



Casa Vintage has to be my other choice for watching a spectacular sunset on Gili Trawangan. This was possibly my favourite natural sunset of them all (although it’s so hard to choose) as the red and orange colours were especially vibrant on this evening. Casa Vintage is also situated right on the beautiful white sand beach that spans the whole perimeter of Gili T. They lay out comfortable blankets with loads of floor cushions which makes it a really social environment which is great for larger groups of friends- although there is also more intimate tables for two which are equally as lovely. The Jamaican themed food was some of the best we ate on Gili T and they also had super fresh fruit juices and coconuts which gave it the perfect idyllic island vibe. 

La Laguna- Canggu

(Jalan Pantai Kayu Putih, Banjar Tegal Gundul, Canggu, Brawa, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia)

thumb_img_4360_1024 thumb_img_4387_1024thumb_img_4378_1024

 I adored La Laguna, in Canggu, so much that I dedicated a whole blog post to it so check that here out for a more extensive review of this stunning place! La Laguna is situated right on the beach, over a lagoon, with stunning views of the sun setting over the sea- which can be viewed from their hand-painted floral jetty. The place has a laid-back ambience and the most beautifully rustic and bohemian vibe, created by the gypsy/traveller/vintage style which is incredibly special and unique. The tapas-style, gourmet food was also some of the best we found in Bali. An absolute must visit location. 

And if you’re more of a sunrise, early bird catches the worm sort of person, then it has to be… 

Mount Batur- Ubud


 Mount Batur is an active volcano, near Ubud, which dates back to 28,500 years ago- so is absolutely steeped in historical natural beauty. Sunrise treks up Mount Batur are a popular tourist attraction for the adventurous traveller. Although the 2am departure to make it up for sunrise is tough, and the descent is definitely far from easy- the spectacular view of the sunrise from the top is absolutely priceless. To see more photos and learn more about climbing Mount Batur, read my blog post specifically about our midnight adventure here.


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