Where to stay in Bali: The Top 5


The vast amount of diverse areas in Bali can be very daunting when you’re planning your visit- therefore, in this post, I’ll tell you about my 5 favourite areas of Bali and what they’re all about so that you don’t have to do the extensive research that I did!




Legian was the most classically touristy area of Bali that we came across (alongside Kuta- where we didn’t stay). The Australians seem to love it and Aussie accents are everywhere, thus it is the most developed part of Bali. It is an intensely exciting place, which can verge on overwhelming at times, with crazy busy roads and swarms of holidaymakers. There’s a mix of hotels to suit all budgets and a lovely sandy beach with very choppy waters. Legian would be perfect for anyone looking for that typical beach holiday vibe, in beautiful surroundings. 





Ubud could not feel more different to Legian- where Legian is restless and unstoppable, Ubud is peaceful and culturally stimulating. Set inland, amongst the mountains, Ubud focuses hugely on art and culture and although it too has a bustling atmosphere in the centre- the vibe is very different. Full of locals and travellers from all over the world, there is bounds of natural beauty- stemming from the beautiful rice fields, through to the famous Ubud markets and the magical Monkey Forest. There is heaps to do and see in Ubud and I  could visit countless times, largely due to the amount of incredible restaurants at very reasonable prices where you can go from eating local specialities one night to tuna sashimi and guacamole another. The beauty of Ubud is both timeless and endless and a visit is an absolute must. Oh, and of course my decision has not been influenced by the cat cafe full of the fluffiest cats to ever grace the earth- definitely not. 

Gili Trawangan



Gili Trawangan (and Gili Air and Gili Meno) are even more peaceful than Ubud. If beautiful beaches, great scuba diving and snorkelling and little beachside bars are what you love (and who doesn’t) then Gili T is a must visit. So much so, that I felt compelled to dedicate a full post to this totally unique place, which you can read here. If you’re too lazy to click the link- then, in a nutshell, Gili T is a tiny island which can only be reached via boat. The island has no motorised vehicles so is in stark contrast to the rest of Bali and the Western world- animals roam free, the locals are the happiest people you will ever meet, and the beaches are the most unspoilt I have ever come across. 



Jimbaran beach and Jimbaran bay offer another perfect little secluded spot to truly relax amongst outstanding natural beauty. Due to its roots as a fishing village- the stunning beach transforms on an evening into one huge outdoor restaurant. Hundreds of tables directly on the beach- lit simply by candlelight- offer the freshly caught fish of the day, as the waves lap onto the moonlit shore. Jimbaran is romantic and luxurious and is home to some of the most opulent hotels in Bali, which are frequented by celebrities and the uber rich- such as the breathtaking Four Seasons Resort. 




Seminyak is probably the most fashionable area of Bali- think luxurious beach resorts, boutique shops, fine dining, and elegant clientele. The food here (and in Ubud) is second to none and you will be completely spoilt for choice. I could stay here for months on end, eating at a different restaurant every night and never get bored- although eating is my passion, which helps. Seminyak is chic, refined and of course just as naturally beautiful as the rest of Bali, therefore if you can afford to stay here- you absolutely should.


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