Being Tourists in Sydney: Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge


On Saturday the 24th of September, we arrived in Sydney- bleary eyed and delirious from our overnight flight from Bali, but ecstatic to finally be here after a year of planning. 

Like stereotypical little tourists, we wanted to see the most iconic sights first and so on the evening of our arrival- like half-alive zombies, we headed to the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge (conveniently located in the same part of Sydney harbour- Circular Quay).


The atmosphere in the area was electric and it felt so surreal that we were actually here- especially for me as I never believed I could actually fly all the way to the other side of the world as I’m so terrified of planes. 


The Opera House was a lot smaller than I had imagined and is strangely separated into individual  buildings- which I would never have guessed from pictures alone! Regardless of this- the sea in the harbour, with the bridge above and the Opera House right in front of us, set to the backdrop of millions of lights from the cosmopolitan Central Business District was absolutely breathtaking. We fell in love with the city instantly. 


 The next morning, in the light of day, we were desperate to see if it felt any different and so we headed back to Circular Quay and walked through the Botanical Gardens to catch a glimpse of the view from every angle. 



Besides the wind level- which transformed my hair into the perfect habitat for a whole flock of birds to nest in- the walk was perfect, and the bridge and the Opera House somehow looked even more fabulous from afar. 




Now we have been here over two weeks and we could not be more obsessed with this incredible city. The contrast between the high rise concrete jungle of the CBD, the sparkling ocean in the harbour, and the gorgeous beaches and parks which Sydney is famous for makes it so different from any other city I have visited. 


The people are some of the friendliest ever and Sushi restaurants are on every corner (the best attribute of the city). The fact that it has only rained once so far is also astounding to someone who is so very British as myself and I have found myself remarking on the weather way more than is necessary- as any British person would when faced with such high levels of sun exposure. 


Essentially- Sydney, I absolutely love you. 



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