Three amazing Sydney brunches


If I had to choose only one type of meal to eat for the rest of my life, I’d 100% go for brunch. The beauty of brunch is that so many different food types can fall into this category, you can go super healthy or super indulgent. Brunch options in the last few years have become endless and I, for one, could not be more excited about it. However basic it makes me- I would do anything for a good avocado on sourdough.

I am very happy to report that Sydney did not let me down on the brunch front at all and I have selected a few choice favourites for those who spend all day, everyday thinking about brunch like I do. 

Cook and Archies Cafe in Surry Hills was my first introduction into the Sydney brunch scene and this was definitely one for the top ten of all time chart.


I was won over instantly by the Earl Grey on the menu and from there things escalated pretty rapidly, as I scanned the menu in ecstasy. 


Making decisions is not my forte so Nathan and I decided to go for one savoury and one sweet option. For savoury- baked eggs with chorizo, red pepper confit and goats cheese with sourdough toast and for sweet- the ‘special’ of the day, french toast with an array of enticing treats on top; ice cream, candy floss and fresh berries to name a few.



Cook and Archies is one you cannot afford to miss out on if you’re around the CBD or Surry Hills area.

 Next up was 5th Earl in Rosebery. Nathan’s lovely relative, Ilinka, recommended this one to us so we had very high expectations as she really knows where to find good food in Sydney. 

5th Earl is situated inside ‘Saporium‘- a converted warehouse in Rosebery that is the ultimate foodie’s dream with niche supermarkets, cute coffee shops and fancy restaurants galore. 





The Benny Roll was my brunch option of choice on this day and what a fabulous choice it was. Perfectly cooked poached eggs, a mound of crispy bacon, tomato relish, rocket and hollandaise on a brioche roll- SO GOOD. 


Although it’s slightly out of the centre- it’s only a short bus or train ride from the CBD into Rosebery and so worth it. 

 Also slightly out of the centre but unmissable is The Grounds of Alexandria. Located in a former industrial precinct from the 1920s, The Grounds spans an acre of land which houses the most beautiful gardens full of flowers and intimate seating areas. The food on offer elevates it to a whole new level and a full blog post on this amazing venue is definitely in the pipeline as it is possibly one of the coolest places I’ve ever visited. 




On this day I was feeling a little more virtuous as all these brunches weren’t doing much for my bikini body- thus, a coconut yoghurt and grain bowl topped with Mango and Passionfruit was perfect. 


The flavour combination was divine- super fresh and light but still very filling. We purchased our breakfast from the BBQ area in the grounds and sat in a lovely little old greenhouse to devour our breakfasty goodness. 


All three of these brunches were a delightful flavour sensation for the tastebuds and I now can’t wait to see if any other areas in Australia can possibly match up to Sydney’s food scene! 



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