Paddington Markets: A Saturday in Sydney


On a weekend, I love nothing more than scouting out a lovely local market- preferably one with lots of delicious food to munch on as I browse the stalls. 

Paddington Markets is the perfect little local market if, like me, you support small businesses, adore flowers and pretty trinkets and love trying out new food. 


Since 1973, Paddington markets have been a platform for local fashion and jewellery designers, artists and craftspeople to showcase their talents.




With over 150 stalls, you can browse the rows and rows of goods for hours on end. I could happily have bought scores of things that a traveller definitely doesn’t need- scented candles and pretty cushions are particular weaknesses of mine and Nathan had to physically drag me away from these stalls a fair few times. 




Luckily for me, the one thing I need, even when travelling, is food and there was plenty of that going too. 


After much deliberation on this very serious decision, I opted for a burrito bowl which was bursting with guacamole- my absolute favourite thing about Mexican cuisine. 


We then followed this up with a healthy freshly squeezed juice which was made fresh to order and tasted like a little cup of heaven on a warm day. 



After our tummies were suitably stuffed, more browsing led to my delighted discovery of some incredible local fashion designers who encapsulated the summery, bohemian, Australian style, with floaty dresses and floral playsuits in abundance.


Again, I had to be physically dragged away as I stared longingly at the clothes of my dreams. I then spent the next week with a serious case of buyers remorse- which proves that boyfriends are often wrong about the importance of spending all of your money on beautiful clothes.

Paddington Markets has everything I love about a weekend market, it has beautiful flowers, great food options, a live band and friendly local business owners- all set to the backdrop of the Sydney sunshine. It is also perfectly situated just by Oxford Street, which is a great place to continue your Saturday of shopping with Australian designer boutiques and chic coffee shops. 


Paddington Markets are open every Saturday from 10am to 4pm and are so definitely worth a visit.


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