A perfect day in Watsons Bay: Sydney, New South Wales


One of a million reasons why I love Sydney, is the unique and special transport method of the ferry to take you from suburb to suburb. 

Not only does the ferry take you to some beautiful places faster than it would take to drive there, but it also offers some picturesque views of the main tourist sights along the way. 


Watsons Bay is one of the lovely little suburbs which you can visit via a direct ferry from the CBD. It’s inexpensive and quick and the ferry feels a million times safer than the terrifying speed boats I was used to after our trip to Bali!

Watsons Bay is famed for having some of the best fresh seafood so fish and chips by the harbour were our first port of call. 


Although Doyles wins on location and 1000000% on sunshine levels- I have to be honest, the fish and chips here (at Doyles on the Beach– Australia’s first seafood restaurant) are nothing compared to the delights on offer at classic UK spots such as Scarborough. 

After we had satiated our hunger (at least for half an hour) Nathan and I set off on a coastal walk. Starting at Watsons Bay Wharf…


Past Lady Bay Beach (the nudist beach- where it was too cold and windy to stop, much to Nathan’s dismay)… 


and all the way along to Hornby Lighthouse…


The coastal walk had some beautiful views of the rest of Sydney harbour and the CBD looks particularly impressive from here- in a metropolitan, built-up sense. 


The top, by the lighthouse, is the perfect place to just sit and take it all in, from the deep blue ocean to the leafy headlands in the distance.


After our extremely blustery walk, on which I had accidentally eaten most of my own hair, we wandered around the beach areas and the more residential streets.


Watsons Bay is evidently an affluent area and the streets are in perfect condition, with rows of beautiful houses that have infinity pools overlooking the ocean. It’s most definitely a place to add to the list of fantasy homes.


To some, Watsons Bay may seem like an ordinary (albeit more wealthy) suburb- but there is so much more to it. The ferry ride in itself is an adventure, the beach and the wharf are cosy and intimate compared to the rush of Sydney’s central harbour, and the coastal walk offers some much needed peace and tranquility after the rush of the CBD. 

If you are in Sydney, Watsons Bay is definitely a spot worth visiting- although I’d advise you to skip the fish and chips!


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