Night Noodle Markets: Good Food Month, Sydney


Annually in Sydney, October is known as Good Food Month. I was in Sydney in September also and I am pleased to report that every month seems to be a good food month in Sydney, where there is an endless supply of restaurants. 

However, nothing makes me more excited than the prospect of good food, so the promise of even better food events throughout October was too exciting for me to handle. 

The Night Noodle Markets are a key part of Sydney’s Good Food Month and are described as having ‘all the sights, sounds and smells of an Asian hawker market plus the buzz, hype and vibe of a huge outdoor festival’- a quote I can 100% confirm is accurate. 

On entering this mystical market- you are greeted with a symphony of origami birds and fairy lights, whilst at the same time the smokey smell of noodles frying and the sweet smell of waffles baking assaults your nose in the most delightful way possible. 


The giant cat seems to be the icon of the event and although slightly creepy, it is perfect for a little selfie action- as the lady who stepped into my photo clearly agrees.


The food itself is some of the most spectacular Asian cuisine that I have ever feasted on and covers every Asian country that you can think of so is actually very diverse in its offerings. 

Nathan and I actually ventured to the markets twice to make sure we made the most of it and so we were able to try a range of food- all of which was heavenly. 

First, we discovered Bao’s (a new favourite of mine) which had the softest buns and the most flavoursome, divine fillings imaginable, with pork belly that melted in your mouth alongside crackling that was crisped up to perfection. 


We also feasted on Pad Thai, calamari and some strange but very tasty potato stick things which are apparently very popular in Australia- with good reason.

And the Bao’s were so delectable that we tried a trifecta of three different flavours on our second visit- pork, chicken and duck- all as perfect as the next. With a huge side of fries loaded with pulled duck, soy and hoisin sauce, naturally. 


We then followed up this one way trip to obesity, with a heart attack waiting to happen- huge waffles loaded with melted Belgian chocolate, lots of extra sugar and strawberries. 


And for our second dessert- a slightly (but not much) less unhealthy dessert of matcha green tea and white chocolate flavoured ice cream in a green tea cone from one of our favourite Australian discoveries- Gelato Messina.


Ilinka introduced us to Gelato Messina and it is undoubtedly the best ice cream place in Sydney, just as she promised. Their stall offered a select few experimental desserts which were completely unique and very fitting with the Asian theme of the market.


For me- food will always be the most essential part of any occasion as its my one true passion in life (alongside shopping). However, the Night Noodle Markets are much more than just an excuse to gorge on all the food. 

It is also a very sociable event, where there are alcoholic drinks aplenty. There is a small but sufficient selection of wines and beers for sale and a dedicated Pimm’s bar which was perfect for me. 


You can really make a whole evening of the Night Noodle Markets as there is endless food and drinks and the atmosphere is so different from any other food market event that I’ve attended.


The theme is fantastic and the event organisers have clearly put a lot of thought into sticking to the theme, which makes it such a memorable, unique and thrilling experience. The only downside is that they are only on once a year, but if you find yourself in Sydney in October- visit, visit, visit- you won’t regret it.


34 thoughts on “Night Noodle Markets: Good Food Month, Sydney

  1. Musze się wam pochwalic w końcu zrzuciłam – 7 kilogramow.

    Przeszukałam chyba caly polski internet zeby znaleźć cos na odchudzanie i znalazłam.
    Wygoglujcie sobie: xxally radzi jak szybko schudnąć


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