Tramsheds & Bekya, Harold Park: Sydney, New South Wales


Tramsheds is a relatively new and extremely exciting addition to the already incredible food scene in Sydney. 

As the name suggests, it is an old tramshed from the early 1900’s which has been lovingly restored and is now a foodies heaven. The owners have attempted to ‘bring the romance of the Golden Era of travel back to life’ via their sympathetic restoration, in which the original purpose shines through. 


Tramsheds is constructed around the ides of bringing different people together to experience new and inspiring cuisines, from some of the most renowned food vendors in Australia. 


The decor and the ambience are perfectly in-keeping with the history of the building. Original features such as a restored tram are placed alongside artisan food stalls and boutique restaurants to create the modern-industrialist vibe. 


Food, flowers, desserts, coffees and juices all vie for your attention as you walk around the little maze of stalls. 


The main event for me, however, is (as always) the restaurants. The choice isn’t as vast as some places but every restaurant offers a completely different cuisine and experience to the last. You could revisit time and time again and try something delicious and new every single time. 

After a ridiculous amount of deliberation, Nathan, Ilinka and I opted for Bekya, as the Middle Eastern menu looked light and inviting. 

As with a lot of the restaurants in Australia, the menu is designed for sharing. At first, I found it a little strange how many restaurants in Australia follow this style of dining- however, the freedom to order lots of little things rather than one big dish and to try things that you wouldn’t normally choose for yourself is actually a huge bonus. 

With this in mind, we ordered a random selection of items- some of which we hadn’t even heard of- and hoped for the best. 


The food was absolutely delicious- the ingredients were super fresh and everything was very well seasoned so that the flavours all complemented each other perfectly. 

We even managed to find something entirely new to try- a rarity when you love food as much as we do. The ‘Egyptian Koshari’: rice with lentils, macaroni, chickpeas, crispy onions and spicy salsa. It was like nothing I had ever tasted before and was surprisingly tasty (if you manage to ignore what a weird combination it is). 


Of course, after stuffing your face with a huge main meal, the only sensible option is to then go in search of a decadent dessert. 

Luckily, tramsheds had some of our favourite dessert options to choose from. The decision  between a huge ice cream or a doughnut is always a very serious one, which we spent an unreasonable amount of time deliberating. 

The flavours of the doughnuts on offer and their super sugary exterior swayed it for both Ilinka and I, and a salted caramel doughnut was my chosen vice. 


It was hands-down the best doughnut I have ever eaten and I will never ever forget its sweet, sweet shell and oozing, salty middle. 

Nathan opted for an insanely good ice-cream from our favourite ice-cream place on earth, Gelato Messina, and it kept him quiet for a good five minutes so he must have seriously enjoyed it. 


By this point, our waistlines had expanded beyond the point of return but we couldn’t have felt more satisfied. My only wish is that sometimes- just as a one-off treat- you could stop yourself getting full at all, as I would have loved to try almost all of the food on offer. Now that would be the dream. 


6 thoughts on “Tramsheds & Bekya, Harold Park: Sydney, New South Wales

    1. I love that too it makes it feel so much more authentic! It was my first time trying it and I agree it was so nice, will definitely have to check it out in London when I’m back home! The donuts were the highlight of it all though! Thank you for commenting, so glad you enjoyed the post!xxx


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