Byron Bay: Whale Watching, Happy Hour and Cape Byron Walking Track- NSW, Australia


Byron Bay is a coastal town situated in New South Wales, Australia. It’s a very popular destination with both Australians and travellers and so I had very high expectations for it. 

The day we arrived it was dull, grey and extremely rainy, so our first impressions weren’t the best. After a 12 hour overnight coach from Sydney, we were also pretty exhausted and so we went to our room (which was actually lovely), cosied up under the covers and slept for hours and hours, before getting a takeaway and watching Netflix all evening (Stranger Things is so addictive). 


I could pretend that we are making the most of every moment and living every day as if it’s our last, but you have to be realistic- humans get worn out and being busy is expensive. Travelling is definitely not all fun and exciting adventures.

Luckily, the next day, the weather had mostly cleared up and we felt recharged and ready to explore somewhere new. 

The Cape Byron walking track is the perfect way to get a good overview of everything that Byron Bay has to offer. It takes you along the coast and beaches, through rainforest and grassland and along the clifftops where the lighthouse is. 

The rainforest section of the walk had a little too many stairs for my liking, but apart from that, the walk was very easy and completely picturesque. 

We started with the rainforest and saw a million brushturkeys which are such strange looking creatures. 


The views from the coastal paths are insanely beautiful. You feel like you’re inside a perfect postcard scene. 


There’s also loads of whale watching points along the way. After Nathan had finished making multiple jokes about me being a whale, we actually managed to spot some real ones. We saw a few at various different points of the track and the way they suddenly dive out of the water is so exciting, you could watch for hours. I am aware this photo is terrible but I promise there were whales there and we did get a great view of them but we were way too overexcited to take a decent picture. 


When you reach the summit of the coastal path, the old lighthouse awaits. It is Australia’s most powerful lighthouse and is also just very aesthetically pleasing as the white exterior compliments the blue skies of Byron perfectly. 


You then come to the most easterly point of Australia. I’m not sure why this is a ‘thing’ or why anyone cares but I still felt obliged to take a picture as I’m a tourist and it’s what we do. 


We also saw plenty of animals along the track and it’s so cool to see them in their natural habitat, rather than just at the zoo.


There seems to be a lizard on every corner and they’re weirdly comfortable with people so they don’t even try to hide- they just sit there as you weirdly stare at them. They’re also very vain as they love posing for the camera. 


Of course, we also stopped to take some generic ‘candid’ shots. 


Aside from the natural beauty of Byron, there’s also plenty to do. The centre has lots of clothing and book stores and there’s heaps of restaurants, cafes and bars. Bay Kebabs was our favourite place that we ate- they do healthier versions of a kebab which are absolutely out of this world levels of delicious. 

The main beach area is also lovely, although it can get very busy. There’s a really fascinating atmosphere in Byron as it’s a very very very laid-back place, full of interesting and quirky people. It seems very classically Australian in comparison to somewhere like Bondi.


Byron is also a brilliant place to go out for drinks. Of course we took full advantage of this and had a really great night out. It’s definitely worth starting early as so many of the bars and restaurants have a ‘happy hour’, which we took full advantage of. I discovered frozen rose for the first time and I’m hooked. 


All in all, our time in Byron was pretty mixed. It’s a very varied place, where you can see beautiful natural beaches and wildlife but also go and have a crazy night out. That’s what I love about it and probably why so many other people rate it so highly. Although it isn’t the largest or most exciting place on the Australian coastline, it’s definitely worth visiting, even if only for the fact that it’s very unique and very Australian. 


12 thoughts on “Byron Bay: Whale Watching, Happy Hour and Cape Byron Walking Track- NSW, Australia

  1. You are gorgeous ha! I actually never stopped in Byron Bay while I lived in Australia, bit of a bummer now that I look at these photos, it looks beautiful. I think I decided to skip it because I wasn’t the biggest fan of Bondi Beach! And I knew it was similar. Nonetheless, beautiful photos!


  2. How fantastic that you saw whales, I’d love to visit Australia and Byron Bay in particular. You’re right that travelling is not always all fun, my new laptop broke whilst we were in Thailand which was a pain!


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