Miami Marketta, Marketta Street Food: Gold Coast- Queensland, Australia


Miami Marketta is a creative hub with a focus on food, live music, art, design and culture. They have weekly events such as Marketta Street Food, Tapas Club and Live music gigs. They also have a creative studio with resident designers and sellers. 


Nathan and I visited Marketta Street Food one Friday night on our recent visit to the Gold Coast. It was a highlight of our whole trip and I haven’t stopped telling people about it since. 

There’s tonnes of food vendors, a few designated bars, live music and best of all: a dessert hall. All of this is set in a huge building with characterful artwork on the walls and fairy lights hanging from the roof. It is pure paradise. 


The food was at the forefront of my mind this night, as ever, and so we wasted no time in scouring every stall in search of the perfect dinner.


I’m not someone who will go to a food market and choose the first thing that they like. Nathan and I systematically explore every single stall to make sure that we are 100% making the right decision as eating is very serious stuff to us. 

After much deliberation, we ended up sharing way too much food but feeling pretty fantastic about it. 


The sushi was maybe the best that I’ve ever eaten and I’ve eaten a crazy amount of sushi in my 22 years on this earth. Salmon sashimi and avocado will always be the best sushi combination and this proved that to me once again. 


(I promise there is some delightful prawn gyoza under this pile of herbs and leaves).


Health is wealth so we made sure to justify our gluttony by slipping a salad into the mix. 


The star of the show though was undoubtedly this beautiful mix of happiness and joy. Medium rare beef, honey and soy chicken thighs and grilled octopus with sweet potato mash, homemade pesto, grilled vegetable couscous and some other incredible sauces that made the whole thing a dream come true. 

Although savoury food is all well and good, I’m a sugar addict at heart and the dessert hall is where I found my true passion. thumb_dscn1206_1024thumb_dscn1210_1024

In the U.K, I can take or leave doughnuts. But in Australia, doughnuts are a whole new experience and they are definitely the thing I will miss the most about the country as a whole. 


This warm, sugary doughnut filled with Nutella, ice-cream, Oreos, chocolate sprinkles and cookie dough pieces left me speechless (and that never happens). The caramelised biscuit cronut (croissant and doughnut hybrid) was also pretty special. 

To compliment the amazing food, there is a couple of bars serving wine, beer and cocktails and there’s some really great live music. 


After all the greed and gluttony, there’s even some quirky stalls selling various clothes, accessories and homewares which fit alongside the food and drink scene surprisingly well. 


Miami Marketta- and Marketta Street Food in particular- is one of the best food markets I’ve ever visited in terms of the high quality of the food, the range of cuisines, the decor and setting, and in how unique it is. There seems to be so many great food markets in Australia and I really hope that more pop up in the U.K. over the next year as they’re such a fun and social way of eating great food. 


Nathan’s smile in this picture sums up our sentiments exactly. Love love love. 


13 thoughts on “Miami Marketta, Marketta Street Food: Gold Coast- Queensland, Australia

  1. I think I would have just had a heart attack upon entering Miama Marketta because it looks like I want to just have all the food all the time right now. How did you even decide what to eat and what not to eat?! Also you are right those boho stores fit in surprisingly well! All the more reason I need to make a trip to OZ!

    Rae | Love from Berlin


    1. It was so difficult to decide and I’m the worst at making choices haha my boyfriend basically ended up making the decisions! Yes you definitely should if you get the chance, lots of cool little places like this! So glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for your comment xxx


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