Gold Coast: Surfers Paradise, Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta- Queensland, Australia


The Gold Coast is a metropolitan city, south of Brisbane, on Australia’s east coast in Queensland. It’s one of my favourite places we’ve visited so far, for so many reasons, from the gorgeous sandy beaches to the bustling centre of Surfers Paradise. It’s also home to most of the big theme parks in Australia which is a big attraction for a lot of tourists. 

We chose to base ourselves in the middle of the action, in Burleigh Heads, sitting between Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta so that we could easily travel around the whole city. 

Burleigh Heads itself has one of the most beautiful, big beaches I have found in Australia so far. It’s also a peaceful haven compared to the beaches of Surfers Paradise which makes it the perfect space for tanning and relaxing. 


The food in Burleigh Heads is exceptionally good with plenty of cute cafes for brunch and some fancier restaurants for dinner. 

One of our favourites was a modern vietnamese restaurant called Jimmy Wah’s. The food was divine and the pho, which I like to think I’m an expert on, was sublime. It is pretty expensive but the quality of the food and the elegant decor and ambiance of the restaurant makes it very worthwhile. 


Ze Pickle was also absolutely gorgeous. The loaded fries are a concoction created by angels and a must try in life. 


There is some seriously incredible food on offer on the Gold Coast and if you’re as much of a piglet as Nathan and I are, then that alone should offer enough reason to come here. 

We also visited Surfers Paradise, both in the daytime and for a night out in the evening. Surfers is like no other place that I’ve visited before, from a metropolitan viewpoint- the skyline of the city is very cool and unique. I love the contrast of the beach against the towering skyscrapers. 


It’s a very hedonistic and lairy place on an evening, where tonnes of young people and travellers go out. An Australian described it to me as ‘the Vegas of Australia’ and this seems to be very true. If you’re looking to go out in Australia, Surfers is a great place to do so. 

In huge contrast to Surfers is Coolangatta, the Gold Coast’s southernmost suburb. Although it is much quieter, it is far from boring. The coastline here offers some adorable little bays and there’s also some great coastal walks. 

Snapper Rocks are a great place to visit in Coolangatta- a small rocky outcrop that is a famous surf break. I can’t comment on the surfing here as I think me trying to surf would be a serious risk on my life, but it’s a beautiful spot to visit nonetheless. 


Right next to Snapper Rocks, is Froggy’s Beach. Froggy’s Beach is a beautiful secluded bay which is apparently mainly frequented by locals, rather than tourists, so we were very lucky that our lovely Airbnb host recommended it to us. 


It apparently has the name (which I love because I love frogs so much) because around 20 years ago, someone decided that one of the rocks there looked like a frog so they decided to paint it green. This sounds like a random thought that I would have, so I appreciate that the name has no deep, spiritual meaning other than this. Especially because the rock really does look just like a giant frog. 


We had just settled ourselves down to enjoy this lovely secluded spot, when hordes of people dressed as if they were from the 70’s came marching past. A security guard then came to tell us that we had to leave as Kylie Minogue was on her way there to film scenes for her new movie. We weren’t even annoyed because you can’t get much more Australian than that and who doesn’t love Kylie? The film is called Flammable Children and sounds terrible, but as long as Kylie is happy. 

We relocated to Rainbow Bay which is another lovely beach with another super cute name. Although it wasn’t quite as picturesque as Froggy’s Beach, it was still perfect for tanning and that’s all a beach is really for to me, anyway. 


I love absolutely everything about the Gold Coast and I am already desperate to go back there. We stayed for just under a week and I feel like we could have done with another week just relaxing and enjoying life- it has such an idyllic holiday vibe. 




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