The best Korean in Brisbane? Nom Nom Korean Eatery: Fortitude Valley- Brisbane, Australia


Anyone who knows me personally will be aware that good food is the way to my heart. If I could go out for dinner every day, money no object, I 100% would. I would go so far as to say that eating out is a hobby for me. Thankfully, I have found someone who feels exactly the same way as I do and so whenever we visit a new area; our first mission is always to find some incredible restaurants. 

Brisbane itself, in my experience, is somewhere that has a lot more to offer than it initially seems. On our first day walking around the CBD, we were disappointed to see that there was a lot of Australian chain restaurants and not much else. 

However, the more you explore Brisbane, the more exciting it gets. Fortitude Valley is a studenty area that is just one stop from the CBD via train and would be easily accessible on foot also if it wasn’t so tragically hot here. 

We came across Nom Nom entirely by chance as it is nestled down a tiny dead-end side street called Bakery Lane. On googling Oriental food in Brisbane, Nom Nom fails to come up as they don’t even have an official website, but it somehow seems even more special that it’s a bit of a local secret. 


The only dining area is al-fresco so god knows what happens when it’s cold and wet- although that would be a miracle in Brisbane. 

Rickety wooden tables line the small street (also home to a few other little bars/eateries), and coloured festoon lights are strung up at ceiling level, creating a fun and lively atmosphere. 


However adorable the setting is, Nom Nom is really all about the food. The quality is insanely high and the menu is absolutely perfect for me. Ranging from sushi to katsu curry and ramen, the menu is mainly in a share style (very typical in Australia) so you can try a bit of everything. It’s also fairly cheap for the faultless quality and it has a ‘bring your own booze’ policy which is great for saving money. 

My eyes are always bigger than my belly so as usual we ordered a silly amount- so much so, that the waiter suggested we order less. FYI, we chose to ignore him. 


Kimchi fries- topped with cream cheese, kimchi and spring onions. 


My favourite, the thickest and most mouth-wateringly delicious pieces of salmon sashimi- so so much better than Yo Sushi. 


A chicken katsu Korean bun each that was flavoured to absolute perfection.


Some pork gyoza that we were too ravenous to stop and take a picture of…


And the most beautiful salmon and avocado sushi that was way bigger than we expected. 

This was hands-down the best Korean food I have ever eaten. Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai are all on my list of top cuisines and I feel like although Nom Nom is primarily Korean, it had elements of all of these cuisines throughout the menu and this made it extra special and extra diverse.

If you are in Brisbane, I strongly urge you to hunt down Bakery Lane and sample some of these delicious delicacies. You can not be disappointed. 


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