Brighton Beach heatwave: Melbourne- Victoria, Australia


For the past five or so days, we’ve been experiencing a ‘heatwave’ even by Australian standards. Some adore the weather, slap on the tanning oil and embrace the dizzying temperatures; while others can’t wear anything more than a bikini and slowly melt away. Being British, I fall somewhere in the middle. I love the heat, but only in small doses, and preferably only when I can lay on a beach all day. 

Therefore, on one of these super scorching afternoons, a beach day seemed like the only viable option. We chose Brighton Beach which is very accessible, with a direct train there from our accommodation in the CBD. 

Brighton beach is famous for its bathing boxes (very similar to the Brighton of the U.K), that were erected over a century ago in response to the Victorian image of morality and decency when publicly bathing. 


I’m pretty sure that the Victorians would faint if they saw how ‘indecently’ dressed everyone is as they pose in front of these ‘modesty’ shelters in skimpy swimwear… Nevertheless, the boxes are very well-kept and all freshly painted in gorgeous bright colours that make the beach seem an even happier and more exciting place. 


They’re also incredibly instagrammable and you certainly won’t be the only one making your boyfriend take a million frames of you in every angle, in search of the perfect insta (don’t pretend you don’t do it- we all do!). 


I made Nathan take about 78456 photos of me on this day and then, naturally, decided that the first two that he took were my favourites anyway. 


The beach itself, aside from the boxes, is also absolutely gorgeous. It’s important to point out that by Australian standards- none of the beaches in Melbourne are particularly naturally stunning. Sydney, the Whitsunday Islands, the Sunshine Coast and so many other locations nationwide are known to have far whiter sands, far bluer seas and stretch on much further. 


I suppose, in comparison, Brighton beach perhaps isn’t as beautiful; but I found it just as charming. I have no doubt that its charm was upped by the sunny conditions and the boiling heat, as a beach on a day like this is like finding water in a desert- essential. 


I particularly love the sea in Melbourne as it is significantly calmer than the rest of the East Coast, due to its position in a sheltered bay. If you love huge waves and surfing then this is probably a downside, however, I’ve been taken out by one too many waves in Sydney- and I couldn’t deal with seeing my life flash before my eyes like that again (especially as I’m a terrible swimmer).


I also love the backdrop of Melbourne’s CBD which provides such an interesting contrast between the relaxed atmosphere of the beach and the very busy, cosmopolitan centre. 


In all, I love Brighton beach and Nathan and I enjoyed a perfect day there- sunbathing, reading, and playing in the calm water (and taking too many pictures, obviously).


The only thing that could have made the day better would have been an ice-cream parlour right by the beach- if they could set one of those up that would be the dream (not that I could have afforded one anyway because traveller life- yay).



29 thoughts on “Brighton Beach heatwave: Melbourne- Victoria, Australia

  1. I love the little beach huts – so cute! I love it when it’s warm and sunny but I hate it when I get too hot and those days are definitely much better when you can just lounge on a beach with a cold drink and an ice cream 🙂 x



  2. I can totally understand why you made Nathan take so many photos of you because that beach is gorgeous! Love love love these photos and the fact that you guys got a heatwave so you could enjoy it!

    Danielle | ❤


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