Orchids, Hammocks and Natural Beauty: The Garden of The Sleeping Giant- Fiji


The Garden of The Sleeping Giant, in Fiji, is one of the most stunning examples of natural beauty that I have laid eyes on, anywhere in the world (even more stunning than the new-in section on Zara). That’s a pretty big statement, but I have never been anywhere else that is so floral, so luscious and so jaw-droppingly green. To me, it is exactly how I imagined Fiji would be for the years and years that I spent dreaming of visiting. 


The name stems from the mountain that it is in the shadow of, as it supposedly looks like a sleeping giant- something which I can vouch for. Our very friendly tour guide pointed out the different sections that make up the face- and once you see it, you can’t unsee it!


It has beautiful landscaped gardens, with more than 2000 varieties of Asian orchids and every other type of flower and plant that you could ever imagine. 


There’s also beautiful lily ponds and quaint streams and fountains running through the gardens, with authentic little wooden bridges over them. 


The staff here are absolutely wonderful and they have incredible knowledge of all the different plants, which they happily share with visitors. 


After this section, you enter into a dense rainforest which gives you a real taste of what Fiji would have been like before mass tourism and commercialisation. 


The humidity in here is insane but it’s so overwhelmingly gorgeous that I didn’t even notice until after we’d left and I looked in a mirror- and saw that my hair had blown up to ten times its usual size. 


I ended up taking so many pictures, a lot of which were really similar, but every single step you discover something new and amazing and it’s impossible not to want to capture every single moment of the journey. 


There’s also plenty of hammocks dotted around the place, that offer an ideal opportunity to take a breather and just admire everything in all its perfection. 


I honestly can’t describe to you how beautiful this place is, and even the pictures can’t possibly do it justice. 


If you are in Fiji, you have to visit as this was possibly the biggest highlight of the whole trip for me. It’s a fantastic chance to see a different side to the natural beauty of Fiji- away from the sandy beaches and marine-life that it is famed for.


For more information- and less awe-struck gushing-  I would definitely recommend visiting the Fiji Tourism website.


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