The Travelling Agenda: Extremely exciting Updates!


Since we left home in September, life has been exciting, scary, intense, fun, strange and just about every other emotion that you can throw into the mix on top of that. 

We had the most incredible time in Bali (probably my favourite destination ever): playing with monkeys, visiting beautiful temples, chasing waterfalls, climbing mountains to watch the sunrise, and watching some of the most stunning sunsets imaginable. 

We also spent Christmas in Fiji– somewhere I have dreamed of going for as long as I can remember; laying on beautiful beaches and enjoying every minute of our time in such a naturally beautiful part of the earth- with some of the friendliest and happiest locals ever. 

And in between all of that, we’ve managed to spend time living in Brisbane, and my beloved Melbourne. I’ve had the good fortune to work in the best job I’ve ever had in Melbourne- with some of the nicest people I’ve ever come across, including my best friend from home, Em! It’s been an absolute dream come true so far.

We’ve also had wonderful times visiting lovely family in Sydney and we’ve been lucky enough to make some amazing memories in the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast of Australia. 

We’ve packed in so much in the last 7 months and seen and done so many things that have made us feel immensely proud of ourselves, whilst also feeling truly fortunate to be able to experience so much. 

And it’s about to get even more exciting… 

On Thursday (30/03), Nathan and I are flying from Melbourne to Auckland to spend 10 days in New Zealand! Visiting and staying with Nathan’s lovely family, exploring somewhere new and apparently very beautiful- I can’t wait!

From New Zealand, we’ll be flying to BANGKOK!!! Capitals are entirely necessary here because I’M SO EXCITED!!! 

We’re going to be travelling around Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia– which is honestly my dream trip and I couldn’t feel happier that we decided to just do it!

I have wanted to visit South East Asia for the longest time and although we have a crazy, full-on itinerary which will no doubt be exhausting- I feel so ready to get stuck into some more travelling and experience a few more brand new countries (to me), where I’m sure we will come across more breathtaking scenery and unique cultural quirks. 

I basically just wrote this post because I wanted to say that I’M SO EXCITED!!!


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