Living the dream at B Cat Cafe: Phuket Town, Thailand


Disclaimer: This post is essentially just an excuse to post way too many images of adorable snuggly little cats so if you’re not a cat person (i.e a psycho) then look away now.

The B Cat Cafe in Phuket Town was a complete random surprise for us. Unlike the Paris cat cafe (where the whole obsession began) which we ashamedly planned our whole Paris adventure around (well, almost), we stumbled across this one on a super rainy monsoon season afternoon on the island of Phuket – and it ended up being just about the happiest surprise of my life. 

I believe you have to buy at least a coffee and a cake per person to enter and there are all the usual rules about sanitising your hands and changing to indoor footwear which is totally understandable and so worth it to spend time with these fluffy little angels. 

The cafe is cute, cosy, modern and spacious and the staff were (as it seems all Thai people are) super friendly and smiley. Although, who wouldn’t be if they worked here?


FYI, the latte and cake were actually really delicious although it was hard to focus on that because OH MY JESUS CHRIST – THE CATS!!!


They were all SO FLUFFY (except one – who insisted on following Nathan to the toilet), so cuddly and so big and healthy looking which was amazing to see!


They had toys and scratching posts and different places to sit and play and they all seemed really happy to live there which made me even happier to be there in turn. 


We had a very different experience to this at a cat cafe in Ubud in Bali so I was sceptical about visiting another one in Asia but B Cat Cafe dispelled any worries that I had on that front. 


One of my favourite cats had to be this lovely little guy…


That grumpy little face and the shaved body with the fluffy head is just fabulous. 


As the insane rain poured down outside and we waited for our super long overnight coach to Bangkok, the cat cafe provided the perfect lovely relaxing distraction and I didn’t feel under any pressure to rush as it was so lovely and quiet, unlike the much busier one in Paris.


Although one of the more playful (and exceptionally clever) cats clearly didn’t disagree as she managed to open the window to the main restaurant and make an escape which was hilarious.


Although there was a lot of cat hair around and it wasn’t perhaps as pristine as the amazing Paris cat cafe, I was very pleasantly surprised by the lovely, welcoming environment here and by the very healthy and happy looking cats. 

If you are heading to Phuket, I would definitely include this stop in your itinerary if you’re a cat obsessive – and after these pictures who isn’t?! 


Address: 33/34 Thepkasatree RoadPhuket Town, Phuket 83000, Thailand +66 89 471 7776



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