Lanterns, Lights and Lanes of Vietnam: Hội An Photo Diary


Hội An is a city on the central coast of Vietnam that is well know for its beautifully preserved Ancient Town and winding canals; which are offset by the most magnificent and eclectic collection of Chinese lanterns. 
There is a plethora of architecturally inspiring buildings, set amongst Vietnamese markets and intricate historical bridges, such as the famed Japanese Covered Bridge. 
The whole city feels like a living museum and it was therefore aptly declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. You can buy tickets to visit some of the key historical sites (which is definitely worth doing) however a lot of it you can see for free by just getting lost wandering down the winding laneways. It even has two gorgeous beaches 5km from the town centre, making it the ultimate unique holiday destination. 
Out of everywhere we visited I definitely took the most pictures per day here as with every step you find something new and awe inspiring that you just have to catch on camera. With that being said – plus the fact that it’s hard to put into words how unusual and charming this little city is – I’ll let my 7,896,403 photos do the talking this time….
These definitely don’t look the most appetising but ‘White Rose’ are a speciality in Hoi An. They’re made up of a translucent white dough filled with spiced minced shrimp or pork and I can confirm they’re a lot more appetising to the tastebuds than they are to the eye…
Although still picture perfect in the day, the lanterns really come into their own after the sun sets. If it wasn’t 30 million degrees it would almost feel festive…
The Barbie dream house brought to life…
The iconic Japanese Covered Bridge (one of the only things I found slightly underwhelming!)…
If I had to sum up Hội An in 3 words I would say it was eclectic, magical and (totally) unique. Another one to add to your ever-growing travel bucket list for sure. 


35 thoughts on “Lanterns, Lights and Lanes of Vietnam: Hội An Photo Diary

  1. How many photos you’ve taken somewhere is definitely a great indication of how much there was to see, love and admire! Those lanterns looks beautiful and wow, there really is SO much to see – what a lovely, colourful area!


  2. SO much yes!! There are no words for how badly I want to visit Vietnam since that’s where my dad is from and I have a lot of heritage there! These pictures make me want to go even more (as if that was possible!). The lanterns are seriously dream like. I can’t wait to see it in person someday!

    Susie |


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