Thailand at its best: Ko Phi-Phi Don


Even after visiting so many breathtakingly beautiful places in the previous weeks, as our boat sailed towards Ko Phi-Phi I still managed to be shocked by its luscious jungle and crystal clear waters.


I’ve heard so many people saying that they don’t want to visit Thailand anymore (always people who’ve never been) because it’s too developed and touristy now and whilst there is a lot of tourism, I feel like they’re misunderstanding the strength of the natural beauty that remains, a point that Ko Phi-Phi fully backs up. 


Ko Phi-Phi was 100000% my favourite island that we visited in Thailand. It was exactly how I imagined Thailand to be after spending years dreaming of going.


My love for it was also helped along by our gorgeous hotel, Papaya Phi Phi Resort, where I would highly recommend staying! After you’ve nearly died of heat exhaustion tackling the mammoth staircase, you are rewarded with beautiful, clean rooms that have the most stunning views of the island on both sides.


The island itself has everything that you could possibly want from a Thai escape. Soft, white sand, traditional Thai boats lining the shore, delicious local cuisine on every corner and, unexpectedly…. THE MOST CATS I’VE EVER SEEN IN ONE PLACE. 


DSCN3463In one day of exploring the island and wandering along the beautiful winding streets we spotted 54 cats before we lost count, 54!!! They also all looked very happy, healthy and well looked after which was so lovely to see and only made me love Phi-Phi even more. How adorable is that cat on the shelf by the way!?

Although there are lots of bars and amenities catered towards the tourists, if you wander along some of the quieter back streets you’ll find traditional Thai homes and schools. fullsizeoutput_2d57DSCN3462DSCN3465DSCN3466

As you can see, every inch of Phi-Phi is truly stunning and so unique to the island’s personal charm, but the beaches are the real pull…



I love that Phi-Phi is small, with barely any motorised vehicles which makes it feel like a very safe place compared to the hustle and bustle of cities like Bangkok. However, I do think that if you spent any more than 3/4 nights here you may run out of things to do on the island itself. Although lots of boat trips to smaller island, such as Maya Bay and Monkey Beach, sail from Phi-Phi too – post coming up about that very shortly!


To summarise, Ko Phi-Phi has all the charm of a Thai island, made even better by hundreds of gorgeous kittens, therefore, I would say it’s one that you really can’t miss out on if you’re travelling Asia (unless you somehow hate cats!) 



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