Best Restaurants in Milan, Italy: Carlo e Camilla



It’s been a whole month since I last wrote a blog post and so many exciting things have happened in that space of time – I’m so busy at the moment that I feel like my blog and general life admin are seriously suffering but it’s all due to fun, happy things so I can’t complain. 

The most exciting thing of all being my recent long weekend in Milan, Italy. 

I remember years ago my dad coming back from a work trip to Milan and telling me it’s the most ‘me’ place he’s ever visited and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with the idea of going. 

Mine and Nathan’s 7 year anniversary seemed like the perfect excuse to book a long weekend away; both to celebrate 7 years and to reward ourselves for working so hard since returning from travelling in May. 

As ever with Nathan and I, booking the trip was the quick part; the weeks afterwards that we spent researching and planning every last detail were the challenging bit. 

After reading one million blog posts and numerous trip advisor reviews, we were overwhelmed by the amount of amazing places to eat in Italy but Carlo e Camilla stood out as our clear favourite and the main place that I just knew we had to visit. 

As we wanted to visit on a Saturday night we booked it literally a month in advance but I have no idea if we actually needed to!

I am the most useless person on earth with maps and directions so Nathan was left to find the building as usual and we very nearly walked straight past it, as from the outside the place looks like absolutely nothing…


Yes. That is genuinely the front door. 

We hesitantly stepped through it, wondering if we had got the address wrong… A thought that was instantly put to rest as we were greeted by the cosy courtyard of dreams. Milan is COLD in December so we didn’t sit out to enjoy it but I can imagine that it would be a divine little spot to have a glass of wine in the summertime. 


If the courtyard wasn’t beautiful enough, when we entered what looked like a big abandoned warehouse from the outside, we were greeted with the most beautiful industrialist decor. 


JUST LOOK AT THAT. So Instagramable. 


The seating is laid out as just a few large banquet tables which gives the restaurant such a uniquely grand ambience that is completely different to any other restaurant I’ve been to. 


The staff were also super warm, welcoming and and efficient and made us feel so special. 


And you’re even allowed to bring dogs (which seems to be the norm in Milan!) 


The menu was absolutely exquisite, with the pigeon breast in a chocolate sauce sounding particularly appetising. 

Just as we thought it would be impossible to make a choice, our lovely waiter told us that there was a 6 course tasting menu also and we felt it’d be rude not to try as much food as we could, as ‘you’re only in Milan once’ (which turns out not to be true as I will DEFINITELY be back).

The first course was a mushroom soup with a partially cooked egg inside which cooked further as the waiter poured the broth over and was so fascinating to watch…fullsizeoutput_38e6

Followed by snapperjack tartare… fullsizeoutput_38ed

A beautiful classic risotto milanese with truffle…fullsizeoutput_38f6

The best meat I have ever tasted in my whole life in the form of a tender fillet of rare deer…fullsizeoutput_38fc

A refreshing yoghurt ice-cream and biscuit crumb dessert…fullsizeoutput_3918

Rounded up with a traditional Italian dessert that was interesting to say the least…IMG_3930

The whole meal was a food lovers dream and each component complimented the last so perfectly. We both had the biggest grins on our faces the whole time and it really felt like one of the most special date nights we have ever ever ever had. 

Although Nathan only really had eyes for the food…


If you decide to visit Milan then you absolutely must visit Carlo e Camilla; for the food, the setting and the staff. It’s simply perfect. 


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