From 2017 to 2018: The best is yet to come


2017 was the best year of my life for so many reasons. I went on the biggest adventure of my life so far; I then came home and got a job that I love and I even realised that I’m not as bad at this whole adulating business as I thought I was. I also managed to squeeze in an end of year anniversary trip to Milan which was perfect in every way. 

But at the end of this incredible year of interesting experiences and exciting new challenges, I started to majorly freak out. 

I find change very very very difficult and the thought of leaving 2017 behind and entering a new year (that I initially thought could be nowhere near as good as last year) became really difficult for me to accept. 

Cue me spending that weird period between Christmas and New Year getting progressively more and more panicked that everything was about to change for the worse and my life was going to be forever boring compared to 2017. 

And then it hit midnight on New Years Eve and do you know what changed? Absolutely nothing. 

The first week of January hasn’t been the exciting rollercoaster that it was this time last year (it’s actually been a monotonous struggle of gyming and working with a sore throat and cough) but as the first week draws to a close, I’m finally starting to feel more positive. 

I’ve never particularly been one for New Years resolutions (mainly because I’m terrible at sticking to rules and deliberately rebel against myself) but this year I really want to focus on keeping the happiness and excitement in my life that I found in 2017. 

I hate sounding too mystic meg-like BUT there’s a few quotes that helped me stay on track last year that I want to continue remind myself moving forward:

  1. Sometimes you have to make your own happiness
  2. Dreams don’t work unless you do
  3. Everything seems impossible until it’s done
  4. Not every day is perfect, but you can find something perfect in every day

I realise that’s all a bit cringey for 99.99% of people but I’m part of the 0.01% who love a good ‘inspirational’ quote and those ones are the ones that I find myself thinking about the most when I’m scared, uncertain or unhappy. 

SO, my goal (not resolution) this year is to continue making my own happiness. 

We may only be a week in but so far I have a trip to Budapest booked AND Nathan and I are finally moving back in together at the end of this month so really to say I was terrified to enter 2018; I’m finally starting to think that maybe this could actually be the best year ever. 



3 thoughts on “From 2017 to 2018: The best is yet to come

  1. So happy to read a post saying something positive about 2017 😊. It was one of the worst years of my life but hey I’m glad everything that happened happened because I’ve learnt how to deal with life. Like your titles says, the best is yet to come 💞 wishing you all the best!


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