Monkey Beach, Review: Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand


Monkey beach lies on the island of Ko Phi Phi Don in Thailand (which you can read more about here!)

It’s only really accessible via boat due to the thick forest that surrounds it but there’s tonnes of day trip options that include it. 

It was the final stop on our chosen day trip and as we pulled up, regardless of any monkeys, I was in awe of the beautiful beach itself.


Laying in front of the lush greenery was some of the whitest, softest sand that we had seen in Thailand and I just couldn’t wait to get my feet into it. 


HOWEVER, the boats can’t pull up close enough to the shore so you have to kayak or swim from the boat to the shore and as someone who is TERRIFIED of the sea, this wasn’t ideal. But I was more than prepared to do it to get close to those monkeys! (I’ve had a bit of a monkey obsession since visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud) 


As we rowed up to the shore, there was only a handful of monkeys on the beach but as soon as they realised we were there, plenty more came out. 


We were warned before leaving the boat that the monkeys here can be quite difficult, shall we say. The ones with babies are particularly defensive, for obvious reasons. And the monkeys have been well known to bite, scratch and steal from tourists. FUN.


I was more than happy to abide by these rules because who really wants to get some unusual jungle disease on their holidays? Although, some tourists seem to disagree with me there. I saw one guy lay his head down right next to a monkey (to get the perfect selfie…) and he had his head attacked. 


I also saw a girl get way too close and get scratched all up her legs too. For such cute, furry creatures they can be SO vicious – something which I found was far less true of the monkeys in Ubud. 

As I mentioned before, of course the wild monkeys are why everyone flocks to this beach (although only one or two boats go at a time so it’s never crowded at all) but the beach itself was one of the nicest that we visited in Thailand. 


After we’d finished monkeying around, we went back to our kayaks to find that ours had been claimed by a group of particularly vicious monkeys which was EXACTLY what I wanted to happen. So great. 


Thankfully our local tour guide was like the Thai version of Bear Grylls (ZERO fear) and reclaimed our kayak for us. 

I would definitely recommend visiting monkey beach BUT I would say that it in no way compares to the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali, in regards to the animals themselves. 

If you are going:

  1. Don’t take any valuables onto the beach
  2. Don’t take any food – this makes you a magnet
  3. DON’T go up to them – they are obviously defensive as you’ve come into their home



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