Pavè , Italy: The best breakfast in Milan?


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I also think it’s the most delicious meal of the day (if done right!)

I’m a big fan of vast brunches of pancakes, fresh berries, avocado, eggs, bacon, smoked salmon etc etc. (although not all together), but sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than the humble pastry. 

Or, as is the case at Pavè, Milan, the not-so-humble-at-all pastry. 


Pavè is a super laid-back, modern cafe with a very cool, minimalist aesthetic that brings in the in-crowd of Milanese locals and only the tourists like ourselves who have majorly done their research and value food over everything else. 


Although our waiter spoke barely any English at all and we speak literally zero Italian, the services was great and the staff were very warm and welcoming. 


The menu had no English on but part of the fun for us was pointing at a random (and very large) selection of pastries that looked fantastic, but could have been any flavour at all. 

Although, I reckon that there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ flavour at Pavè. 

We chose a croissant with raspberry meringue and fresh raspberry jam inside which was INSANELY GORGEOUS (and pretty, which helps).  


A classic chocolate croissant that was like no other chocolate croissant I’ve ever come across before (even in Paris!). Tonnes of full-on, thick actual chocolate ran through the middle as opposed to that strange plasticy chocolate that is usually inside. 


A muffin shaped pastry with actual CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED PASTRY and that same incredible chocolate inside! 


And a classic pan au raisin which are so underrated as they’re so sweet and sticky and ughhhhhhh I love pastries (I inhaled that one too fast to get a picture). 


We accompanied this divine selection with a pot of their own ‘Christmas tea’. Yes, CHRISTMAS TEA. 


And, thankfully, they even sell their own products such as the tea, which is just fantastic news (not that my Ryanair hand-luggage only policy allowed such frivolities). 

I’ve never felt so satisfied by a cafe, in all honesty. This is probably my favourite cafe in the world and I’ve been to a LOT of cafe’s because I have a tea and treat addiction. 


So, whether you go for breakfast as we did (would highly recommend as breakfast food) or you’re more of an afternoon pastry kinda person, I promise this is one place you will not regret going!

Oh and disclaimer: other sweet treats are available:



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