The skincare survival kit you need for Roaccutane/Isotretinoin


Something that I have struggled to talk about for the last 5 years has been my skin. And the one million problems that it’s brought me in that time. I’d like to do a full post about my skin journey and my experience on roaccutane (or isotretinoin) in the coming weeks, as when I was considering taking the plunge myself, I spent hours and hours reading about it and watching Youtube videos of other people’s experiences and I’d really like to add my own opinion in to the mix. 

Whilst there is plenty of posts/videos of people’s roaccutane journey and opinions of the drug, I really struggled to find much solid advice on what skincare to use and although my dermatologist was lovely, she was absolutely useless in being able to recommend me any skincare products.

So began a longgggggg journey of trawling through the reviews of tonnes of skincare products on Boots, Space NK, John Lewis etc etc.  and I feel like I managed to find the ultimate skincare routine (and even body and hair care!) for anyone who is on roaccutane or anyone who suffers with EXTREMELY dry skin. 

Roaccutane is a very strong drug for acne that essentially stops your body from producing any oil so from your hair, to your nails, to the skin on every inch of your body, absolutely everything dries out. Although my skin was still massively dry throughout my treatment (which is literally unavoidable), I found that the below products really helped manage my symptoms and made the course that little bit more bearable. 

In this post we’ll focus on facial skincare…

Face wash – Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser 


This was a hard one for me. I’ve always been a strictly Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish kinda girl so to go from my beloved Liz to this basic, un-fragranced face wash was pretty sad times. However, I am officially a convert. This stuff is so moisturising, so silky smooth to rub in and gets off even the toughest waterproof mascara so easily – I doubt I’ll ever stop using this now!

Day cream – Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Adjunctive Hydrating Care SPF30


An SPF is essential in your day cream while on roaccutane as it even makes your skin sensitive to UK winters, which is really saying something. This is lovely and moisturising without being too thick so it sits under make-up nicely. 

Night cream – Avene rich skin recovery cream


This is the most hydrating moisturiser I’ve ever tried that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve bathed in an oil slick. I also tried the Eucerin replenishing face cream and looked like  I was a wax work after I’d applied it every night because the oil levels were INSANE. I’d actually say the Avene one is more moisturising so it’s definitely a firm fave – and again is something that I’ll continue to use in the future. 

Eye cream – Avene soothing eye contour cream 


This product is 100% GROUNDBREAKING. I started getting eczema on my eyelids as a result of the roaccutane and this is the ONLY thing that managed to make it a bit better. I still had gross, scabby eyelids and under-eyes but this really helped soothe the area and reduce the redness and for that I am forever grateful. And, again, this product is now a firm staple in my skincare routine forevermore. 

Lip balm option A – Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm


This is my number 1 discovery out of everything and if there is one product that you HAVE to buy after reading this, please make sure it’s this one. The most hydrating, life-changing, glorious lip balm on earth. Whenever I felt myself shrivelling into a prune-like state, chucking this all over my lips made me feel like a human again. Forever in debt to this beautiful miracle lip balm. If you ever suffer from dry lips, BUY THIS. 

Lip balm option B – Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream



I’m sure this one isn’t new information to anyone who knows anything about the world of skincare, but it really does everything that you’d expect it to. It’s moisturising (although quite thick and sticky) and whilst I mainly use it on as a lip balm, it can be applied to any dry patches which proved really handy on days where I forgot to take my hand cream out with me. 

Face mask – Origins drink up intensive overnight mask 


I really wouldn’t advise messing with your skin at all while on roaccutane so I would avoid 99.9999% of face masks like the plague. But this one can stay. I’d put this on a couple of times a week and leave it on overnight for the ultimate in skin plumping and hydration. This was a favourite before my medication and remains a favourite now. I’d buy this whether you’re on roaccutane or not!

Refresher/Princess Product – Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray 


This product is the ultimate in ‘things you don’t need but like to waste money on because you’re addicted to skincare’ vibes. The ingredients are 100% water (which last I heard is free from the tap) but it feels really lovely and refreshing and moisture-inducing when it sprays out of the pretty minimal packaging, okay? Not an essential, but I like it. 

So there you have every product I put on my face whilst on my course of roaccutane. 

I’d like to do a little series of these posts, one for haircare, one for body care and one for make-up because you find that you literally need to change up every aspect of your beauty/self-care routine when roaccutane sets in and steals every bit of moisture you ever created, so you can expect to see those over the coming months.

I hope this helps in some way if you are considering or currently on roaccutane as I know it’s a very scary decision to make and I found that this skincare routine majorly helped me manage my side-effects and I would have found a guide like this really helpful personally. 

Hopefully, soon enough I’ll be sharing my skin/roaccutane journey in more detail but if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask me anything as so many people go through this and you are definitely not alone.









14 thoughts on “The skincare survival kit you need for Roaccutane/Isotretinoin

  1. Out of all the products above, I used Cetaphil facial cleanser but I never felt like it was really cleaning my face and I don’t think it suits my skin? It’s probably because I have a normal-to-combination skin. I’m now using cruelty-free, vegan, organic skincare products and they don’t break me out. I guess having less ingredients as possible is good for my skin, especially if they’re natural 🙂

    Rox | Transcendent Light 🌱


  2. Ugh, having problem skin is such a pain, I’ve been dealing with mine for 16 years and I’m only just getting to a point where it’s ok (still fairly blemished though :/)
    Thank you for talking about all of these products! There are definitely a few I’ll be checking out, definitely the Avene Eye Cream 🙂



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