Hungarikum Bisztro: The best restaurant in Budapest


When I go on long weekends, I am the queen of making sure that all of our food choices are carefully planned, there just is no space in my life for a bad meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee shops, snacks, drinks – I’ve got it all covered. 

So it’s safe to say that when I chose Hungarikum Bisztro, I was well aware that it was a very popular choice and I was expecting great things. 

From the exterior, the restaurant really doesn’t look like anything special and even when you enter, it still doesn’t seem particularly fancy – although it was lovely and cosy, the staff were very attentive and they had a man playing traditional music live. 


From the moment you sit down, the lovely family who run it are straight over offering their wine list (VERY well priced and VERY VERY delicious) and they even give you a little booklet containing a few of their incredible recipes and some background on the family who run it and how the restaurant came about. I loved this personal touch and it just proves how much attention to detail they put into absolutely everything they do. 


They also bring over some of their homemade paprika – a Hungarian speciality and my new-found obsession – and incredibly soft bread to nibble on as you peruse the menu. 


The menu isn’t massive by any means but everything on it is traditional and home cooked and this really appealed to me. Personally I’m always turned off by restaurants with overly extensive menu’s as surely you can’t apply that much attention to so many different dishes?! 

We opted to share two starters – firstly this savoury crepe-style parcel with a gorgeous meat filling and a lovely, creamy paprika sauce. It was absolutely heavenly and actually a large portion for a starter – bonus!


And also a sort of Hungarian version of antipasti, which is something I always choose on the menu if they have it as I adore trying a little bit of everything. 


After this, I was expecting exceptional things from the main courses and they definitely didn’t disappoint. 

I opted for a very traditional dish for the region of steamed cabbage leaves with a sauerkraut-style vibe and Hungarian sausage mixed in. It’s not something that we’re very familiar with in the U.K. but OH MY GOD WE NEED TO BE. Truly incredible. 


Nathan went for a classic dish of pork in a creamy paprika sauce and I can vouch that this was also absolutely incredible! I could eat that sauce on breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of forever. 


After all of this, my stomach was bursting out of my rather tight skirt but I am not one to be defeated by a dessert menu and so we decided to compromise on sharing a little something (which turned out to be a big something actually!).

We opted for a cinnamoney-appley strudely-cakey sort of thing and oh my, it was just as delicious as every other course and the perfect way to end the meal. 


Throughout writing this piece, my mouth has been watering at the prospect of this delicious meal. For me, it really was the absolute best meal we ate in Budapest (and I can’t begin to stress to you how much we managed to eat!) so that’s a big statement. 

If you visit Budapest, you absolutely have to go. And if you do want to, make sure to book in advance as we did, as there was a constant stream of people coming in without reservations only to be turned away (and that was a Monday night) and you really can’t miss out on this one. 



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