Where to find the most breath-taking views of Budapest


I feel like when people think of the ‘perfect’ view, they usually think of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters with nothing else on the horizon. Whilst I think that is pretty perfect, I’ve always been even more of a fan of urban and city views and they’re always a highlight of a city break for me. 

As with most European cities, Budapest doesn’t disappoint on delivering outstanding views, due to the incredible architecture and mish-mash of buildings, that can only really come from a city that is steeped in history. 

So if you’re searching for that perfect spot to soak in the whole of Budapest then look no further than my shortlist below! (In order of least to most favourite FYI)


I’m starting with arguably the least impressive views, but Buda Castle is still somewhere that is definitely worth visiting anyway for the historical significance of the castle.

fullsizeoutput_4167cW4W4T4dS3eFQeTdkFjxDgWhile you’re up there it’s definitely worth taking a minute to check out the views, although not as high as my other lookout choices, they still manage to be pretty spectacular. 



Gellért hill offers incredible panoramic views over the whole of Budapest.

LItzF4txR+2%jSFGwxQGpwIt takes a lot of walking uphill to reach the top (not ideal when we went as the paths were one big sheet of ice!) but you’ll be glad you braved the walk when you reach the top. Plus there’s lots of places to stop on the way and look out at the views in different stages.

v1w%ju1IRp2pwuMhMwvrhwThere’s even a couple of tourists spots along the walk, such as the Bishop Gellert, The Citadel, The Cave Church and at the top you’ll even find Budapest’s very own Statue of Liberty



St. Stephen’s Basilica is a Roman Catholic Basilica, and as with Buda Castle, it’s worth a visit purely from a historical angle as the architecture – both inside and out – is breathtaking. 


Not only is it beautiful to look at, but if you pay to climb the zillion very narrow stone steps, you’ll find that it’s also beautiful to look out from. 


My favourite thing about the view from up here was that firstly, we were the only people for a lot of the time we were up there (I think the narrow old staircase puts some people off maybe!) And, secondly, you can walk around the whole perimeter of the clock tower meaning that you can see Budapest from literally every angle – with completely unobscured views of the sprawling city. 


Although this is the only one that you have to pay an entry fee for from this list, it is possibly my absolute favourite and I felt like Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame up here (god knows why as we weren’t in Paris) but yes, HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one! 



This one absolutely blew my mind. When we first caught sight of Fisherman’s Bastion, it was daylight and I was in awe of the beauty of both the views, and the actual Bastion itself, which reflects the sunlight in the most gorgeous way.


And then we went for dinner, and on our way back, walked past it again and I fell in love. True love. 



No filter, no effects, just pure magical beauty. 


Moral of the story: visit Budapest. 



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