What to eat at Leeds Indie Food Festival 2018


Food is my favourite thing and food festivals are the ultimate food lovers paradise so when I heard about Leeds Indie Food Festival I knew I had to go. 

After ordering festival passports (which give you loads of amazing discounts across the course of the festival!) I spent quite some time planning my perfect date day – all centred around good weather, good drinks and incredible food


Our first stop of the day was Temple coffee & doughnuts which I have heard so much about so I had very high expectations.


We arrived for opening time (so keen) and there was already a queue with lots of people just as greedy to get their hands on the doughnuts as us. 


Temple are doing a collaboration with Northern Bloc for the duration of the food fest which is a doughnut-ice-cream hybrid with a blue galaxy doughnut on top that looks  like an instagrammer’s dream (and is 15% off for festival passport holders!). 

Sadly, my taste buds weren’t supporting my insta-famous dreams this day so I opted for a caramel pretzel doughnut instead.


I have to be honest there though, although the doughnut was okay, it in no way lived up to the hype surrounding Temple and I felt very, very sad about it. 

We kept moving onwards and upwards though and headed into town to Fettle


Fettle is a super cool, scandi-style cafe and already a firm favourite of mine. For the Leeds Indie Food Festival they’ve also collaborated with Northern Bloc to offer a completely unique and exclusive concoction for Festival Passport holders only.


Not only was this one of the most unusual and delicious brunches I’ve ever had – you also get 10% off the whole bill with your festival passport! 

Such a winner.


You might assume we were full after doughnuts, brunch and brownies but my day of eating was only just getting started. 

We made a quick pit-stop at a few beer gardens along the way (wine hydration is key)  before ending up at Belgrave Music Hall for their Street Food Feast event.


Belgrave do something similar to this every second Saturday so don’t worry if you missed out on this one!

Plus, they have a few resident food stalls in there too. At Patty Smith’s you can use your festival passport to get free fries with your burger!


And at Dough Boys you can get 50% off pizza slices all day every day for the duration of the festival with your passport!


There was also a whole host of additional pop-up street food stalls, from the popular Kirkstall-based eatery Poco, to Korean fried chicken and raclette (mounds of melted cheese – if you don’t know, get to know.)


Naturally, we had to try a bit of everything and as you can tell by our very smug faces here – it was all super delicious. 


We had actually planned to then move onto some more foodie events but after enjoying a few more drinks at Water Lane Boathouse (one of my favourite places for a drink in Leeds which you can also get a discount on with your festival passport!), we took our sleepy, stuffed little tummies home for the night. 


Luckily for us though, the LIFF isn’t just based in town! There’s also plenty of places joining in all over Leeds and we happen to live in Chapel Allerton, where our passport continued to get us even more delicious discounts right through the weekend!

On Sunday lunchtime, we headed along to The School Diner event at Chapel Allerton Primary School. 


Where we were greeted with even more mouth-watering street food stalls…


Plus all the added extras you would expect such as family-friendly entertainment, live music and even some British sunshine!


All in all, it was the most perfect food-filled weekend – worth every single calorie and consequential extra tummy roll that I’ll have in my bikini in Bali next week. 

To check out all of the rest of the amazing events and exciting collaborations throughout Leeds Indie Food Festival 2018 (which is on right up until Monday 28th May!) head to the official website here

I, for one, am already excited to carry on eating everything this weekend!






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