The best beach club in Bali: Sunday’s Beach Club, Uluwatu, Bali


I love Bali for 1,987,654 reasons and its beach clubs come within the top 5 things on that list, with very good reason. They are simply incredible. 

I’ve been to a fair few of the most well-known ones now and of them all, Sunday’s beach club came out as my absolute number 1 favourite. 

It’s part of a beautiful hotel which you go through to then be led to (an actually very steep!) little cable car which takes you down the cliff face to the beach. 

As the cable car goes down, the view opens up to the most stunning crystal-clear waters and white sandy cove. 


As it’s surrounded by cliffs, the private beach feels extra special and exclusive. Which is also helped along by the most wonderful, welcoming staff who make you feel like royalty with their amazing hospitality. 


The cluster of beach huts house a lovely restaurant and all of the usual facilities (toilets, showers etc.).


There’s also an array of seating areas to choose from which is always a bonus. From beanbags right on the beach front to a wooden deck overlooking the sea – choose any, all are stunning. 


Each guest must pay a fee which is equivalent to about £15 per person on arrival, however, the fee is really more like a ‘minimum spend’ as all except around £2.50 of that is redeemable across food and drinks. 

And, oh my, the food and drink is phenomenal. Fresh poke bowls and frozen cocktails by the sea = heaven. 



Not only is the food heavenly, but you are also welcome to use their free water-sports facilities for that entry fee, which includes paddle boards, canoes and snorkelling equipment!


The facilities are absolutely incredible, but for me, it’s all about the stunning, pristine beach and the calm, clear water. 


After spending all day here soaking up the sun, the natural beauty and all of the frozen cocktails, we decided to stay and eat dinner on the beanbags on the beach, which are positioned around 2 little bonfires that are lit at sunset. 


Bonfire’s are one of my favourite things and a bonfire on the beach?! In Bali!? Where there’s loads of stars!?



The music is great, the atmosphere is mellow but excitable, and the burgers are delicious. There is honestly nothing more that a human being could possibly need to have a perfect evening in Bali (or in life in general for that matter).


After the most idyllic day, we curled up on beanbags and watched the clear sky full of stars, with our feet in the sand, and the bonfire embers slowly burning away in the foreground. 

It genuinely was one of the happiest evenings of my life so thank you Sunday’s for being everything I could ever want. 





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