How to spend 3 days in Canggu, Bali: Where to stay, eat and explore


Canggu lies on the south coast of Bali and is most definitely one of my favourite places on the whole of this magical island. 


It has everything that you could want from a holiday: beaches, culture, an amazing food scene and heaps of the laidback Balinese culture that makes this incredible island so unique and special. 



We stayed at Lemon Guest House which is a great option if you want somewhere on a good budget that’s still fresh and modern, and has a gorgeous pool too. It’s about a 5 minute walk to the main street and a 10 minute walk to the beach which is just perfect.



Canggu is probably most popular for surfing, which I can’t say is something that I’m into but worth noting if you are!


Although the beaches aren’t as beautiful as somewhere like Nusa Cenigan,  it’s still a lovely place to relax and soak up some of the scorching Indonesian sunshine.

Batu Balong and Echo Beach are particularly popular.


Batu Balong also has a temple right on the beach. There was a religious celebration on one of the days that we were there and it’s an incredible place to soak up the local Balinese culture, without even having to leave your sun-lounger!


There’s also a really cute little market in Canggu called Love Anchor which has everything from hand-crafted straw bags to parrots. It’s only small but well worth taking a look if you’re passing. 


For me, the thing that stands out about Canggu is the laidback cafe culture and experimental restaurant scene. The following are some of my favourites but the list is honestly endless

First up, Cafe Culture…

Canggu’s cafe scene is one of the best in Bali and you will absolutely be spoilt for choice when it comes to laidback, modern and unique lunch spots. 

Cafe Organic is one of my top recommendations. The smoothies and smoothie bowls here are unbelievable. Plus they have some incredible desserts and, best of all, most of it isn’t even unhealthy!


Possibly my favourite lunch spot in the WHOLE WORLD has to be Poke Poke in Canggu. The most incredible poke bowls in existence. I could honestly live off these forevermore. I urge you to try them!


The Avocado Factory is also another firm favourite amongst visitors to Canggu, although it is a little expensive!


Moving onto restaurants…

La Brisa is an absolute highlight for me. I fell in love with this fisherman themed restaurant/beach club. A full post on this is definitely going to be coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled for that! Come here both for a day of chilling on the deck and an evening of sipping cocktails at sunset. 


La Laguna (owned by the same people as La Brisa) is maybe my favourite restaurant in all of Bali. This one is gypsy themed and you can find a full post about my visit a couple of years back here. This place is a dream come true at sunset. Honestly, if I could get married anywhere on earth, it would 100% be here. So, so beautiful. 


Another great restaurant is Peekabo, on the main streets. The food here is divine and the decor is very VERY cool.

And finally, drinks…

Gypsy is a lovely little bar we found that has a great happy hour, with some super tasty cocktails on it. I’ve also heard the food here is very good too!


Deus Cafe and Deus Ex Machina are iconic Canggu party places. Sunday nights, in particular, are big but it has amazing music, cheap cocktails and lots of dancing every night of the week. The perfect place to drink way too many cocktails and meet new people. 

Finally, Old Man’s is another legendary Canggu beachbar that you need to pay a visit, even if just for the gorgeous, instagrammable decor alone! 


Aside from all of these specific places, Canggu is an incredible place to just walk around. Although the heat can be ridiculous in Bali, it’s so worth taking the time to wander the streets when the sun is setting to really get a feel for this diverse and unique spot.

With the friendly locals and the surf-centred beaches, alongside scenic rice fields and street art on every corner – it’s impossible not to fall in love with this beautiful little place. 






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