Moonpig Christmas: Leeds


Anyone who knows me will know that Christmas is my favourite thing in the world. I love the magical atmosphere, the lights everywhere and even the dark, frosty days. 

Christmas is also so special to me because I love nothing more than giving back to the people I love and spreading Christmas cheer (and watching Elf and eating Quality Street). 


Therefore, when I was invited to attend Moonpig’s #merriertogether event a few weeks ago I was more than a little excited. 


We arrived to mulled wine and Christmas music and throughout the afternoon we had the chance to do a range of festive activities that brought so much happiness to my Christmas-obsessed little heart. 


We made our own wreaths, designed our own Christmas sacks, drank festive cocktails and made personalised Christmas cards and I left feeling like the most festive elf on earth.


Moonpig as a brand are all about showing how much we care for each other all year round and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to share in the joy of caring for one another. Their brand message resonates with me so much and made me so, so excited to treat my lovely family, friends and boyfriend to show them how special they are to me this year.

34 days and counting!




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