Shakira Sacks is an England-based lifestyle blog with a huge emphasis on worldwide travel  and a heavy dose of fashion and beauty thrown into the mix. Many travel blogs show beautiful images of mesmerising landscapes and cultural experiences; this blog is more than that. To entice you into the deepest realms of wanderlust, Shakira Sacks will combine travel, beauty, fashion, food and a sprinkling of more serious lifestyle posts to reveal exactly what travelling can be like for a modern women in her twenties.





Hello! I’m Shakira, a 22 year old English Literature Graduate of Northumbria University, originally from Leeds. I have been enamoured with all things fashion and beauty for as long as I can remember. Being so interested in these areas; I have spent the last few years endlessly scrolling through beautiful blogs, Instagram and Pinterest accounts for inspiration. The more I scrolled, the more I realised that blogging is the perfect avenue for me to express my own take on all things stylish. Whilst at University, I also developed a serious case of wanderlust (admittedly, this was largely inspired by the beautiful images on Australian bloggers Instagrams!). However, although I have found endless fantastic travel blogs on my searches, when I have looked for travel and fashion hybrid blogs- I have found little inspiration. And so the concept for this blog struck me. 

Although I want to travel and experience the sort of beauty that only nature can provide, I don’t want to compromise my love of fashion or who I am as a person. This blog will hopefully show that it is an option to go travelling for a year + and still feel feminine, fashionable and true to who you are. 

I am fully aware that there will be numerous hostels, no make-up days, sweaty bodies, frizzy hair and a very limited wardrobe but the scenery will be breathtaking and my tan will be fabulous which has to make up for it!


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